Andrew Maxwell

Saving the Planet: Replacing DVD’s with Hard drives

December 13, 2010

Buying DVD’s is like throwing money down the drain and killing our planet at the same time.

If you are interested in saving the environment and you’re tech savvy then I suggest you look into buying digital content online instead of going to your local Best Buy or Office Max.

Buying digital content not only gives artists and developers more money for the same product, but it also stops materials from being thrown into landfills. Millions of CD’s, DVD’s and their cases are thrown into landfills each year causing more than 45 tons of waste each month.

Benefits of Replacing CD’s and DVD’s with Hard Drives

  • You save time searching for content
  • Less materials end up in land fills
  • Less likely to break or scratch a hard drive than a CD/DVD
  • Easier to backup
  • Less energy is wasted when creating hard drives over time
  • Larger file storage
  • Less money spent on package design and more money can be put into product design

It may sound simple to replace CD’s and DVD’s with a hard drive, but many people still don’t. Just think about Blu Ray and DVD movies, how many people do you know that still buy these?

What are you thoughts? Do you use DVD’s or Hard drives for you content?

Photo by: D’Arcy Norman

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