Andrew Maxwell

My Evernote Book Coming to an End

December 20, 2010

Yes, it’s true. I am stopping development and writing on my Evernote book and website.

Before you get upset, let me explain.

Why I’m Stopping The Book:

As you may know I love Evernote and I wanted to provide users with free information on how to use Evernote to it’s fullest. After a few months of writing and development on the side, I knew I was spreading myself thin and I might not be providing the best product.

Deciding to end the book wasn’t an easy decision. I sat down for a few weeks and actually gave it some real thought.

Though I love Evernote, I also love other things such as; education, web and technology. Focusing on only one area took away any extra time to write on my other interests.

The final decision came and the book had to come to an end. Ending the book does not mean that I will stop writing about Evernote.

What Will Happen To The Information That I Did Write?:

Instead of writing a book, I will be focusing on dedicated posts related to specific facts, information and tutorials on Evernote.

I hope that by providing this information on my website instead of a book I will be able to mix in a few ways on how we can use Evernote for eduction, web and technology.

A Present For You:

To kick these Evernote articles off right I will be posting a very special list which I have talked about for a while now. Be sure to check back later this week for your holiday present.