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Product Idea: QR Codes Instead of Wasted Packaging Sizes

December 21, 2010

Every morning I make myself some hot apple cider and each morning I notice that the packet size for each Apple Cider packet is about 40 times too large for the actual powder inside. The package is that large because of the ingredients and health information on each packet. Also the box is a big waste because of the over sized packets and the design.

Change the world, one package at a time:

My idea is to replace the health information and ingredients on each product with a QR code. This will do a few things:

  1. Use less materials for packaging
  2. People with disabilities can read the information
  3. More information about each product can be listed
  4. Share recipes, instructions, gift ideas, coupons and even ads
  5. Make it easier to share the product online with social networks
  6. Make it possible to know if their are allergens in a product
  7. Make it possible to share a review about a product
  8. Saves on design and printing costs
  9. Less materials end up in landfills
  10. New packaging options since less or no designs are needed (ie. corn plastics or bio-degradable materials)

I know that not everyone has a smart phone that can read QR codes, but there are so many strengths to this idea that will out weigh the downsides, especially if we can have web cams that can read QR codes.

Apple Cider QR Code

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