Andrew Maxwell

My Content Management System Software Of Choice

November 04, 2010

I have had many people and clients ask me what content management system (CMS) that I prefer to use and I thought I would share the answer with everyone and the reasons for my choice.

My answer is: WordPress

Why I chose WordPress: I chose WordPress because over the years I have used many content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal and CMS Made Simple to name just a few and each one had their strengths and after a while I was tired of all of the weaknesses and I wanted something that would fit more with mine and my clients needs.

Strengths of WordPress:

  • Free
  • Opensource
  • Easy to work with
  • Uses standard Php syntax rather than a special framework
  • Supports multiple themes at once
  • Thousands of plugins
  • Great documentation
  • I haven’t found a limitation to what can be done with it
  • I can get a website up and running within a few hours
  • Software doesn’t really slow down the page rendering speeds
  • Great people friendly URL’s


Weaknesses of WordPress:

  • Doesn’t have great e-commerce features with plug-ins
  • Not an easy way to give specific users permissions on a per page basis
  • User roles are Limited to only 5 different settings
  • Adding different post types isn’t as easy as it could be
  • There isn’t a great way to create ajax-able content

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