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How To: Replicate Every Feature of Twitter with Google Buzz and More

November 08, 2010

To keep this post simple and precise I will just provide you with a data table with 3 columns:

  1. List of features
  2. Where to find it with Twitter
  3. Where to find it for Google Buzz

*Just a side note, but you can post everything to Google Buzz and have it feed into Twitter, including hash tags, @replies, and DM messages. So if you love Twitter, but want to give Google Buzz a shot, you can, and still get full posting capabilities to Twitter.

Features Twitter Google Buzz
Username: Specific Twitter username Gmail address | get account at
Pictures: Third Party Google Picasa | 1GB free
Video: Third Party Youtube
@Mentions: @mentions Email Notification | and @reply
Private Messages: DM Private Post | plus chat or email
Contacts: Followers, Following Followers, Following, Gmail Contacts | with option to hide followers
Profiles: Google Profiles: or | optional secret Buzz ID
Favorite Posts: Favorites Likes within Google Buzz, Starred Emails within Gmail
Groups: Lists Google Reader
URL Shortner: | has link stats
Geo-Location: Static Google Maps Full Google Maps | mobile posts viewable at
Search: Built in Twitter Search Built in Google Search | special operators available
How to find new people to follow: Who to follow Suggestions | Follow Fridays + user suggestions
Chat Client: None Gtalk | standalone, web or in Gmail
Email Client: None Gmail | plus direct email on each profile page
New Followers: Users Home Page Google Profiles
Trending Topics: Trends None
Character Limit: 140 None
Post From Phone Via: SMS: 40404 Email: | from your Gmail account
Email Notification: New Follower, direct message, email newsletter People comment on my posts, People comment on posts after I comment on them, People comment on posts after I am @replied on them | set in Gmail/Buzz settings
Mute posts by source: None, only Twitter posts Yes, Twitter, Google Reader, websites etc.
Formatting: None Yes, underline, bold, strike through, italic | and much more blogging in Blogger connected to Buzz


Added a few more details for a couple of the fields thanks to support from

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