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Decoration of Dreams Part Deux: Goals for 2011

November 09, 2010

This month marks my second year of blogging and every year I want to set out at least 10 achievable goals for the upcoming year: to stay focused and continue to push myself as a writer.

My Goals For 2011:

  1. Receive an average of 75 unique daily visits in Google Analytics
  2. Earn 150 subscribers to my RSS feed (feedburner)
  3. Have at least 2 guest posts under my belt
  4. Publish a new post each business day of the week
  5. Receive 5 comments on my blog outside of Google Buzz
  6. Average 15 comments on posts (Including Google Buzz)
  7. Page load times between 3-5 seconds
  8. Receive over 300 page views on any given post
  9. Create a facebook fan page and share new articles with it
  10. Integrate twitter posts/comments into the comments on my blog
  11. Integrate facebook comments into the comments on my blog

2 Comments on “Decoration of Dreams Part Deux: Goals for 2011”

  1. trentu

    I see, all we are is just unique visitors to you!

  2. Andrew

    You’re more than unique visitors to me, but it is one of the few ways that I can chart my progress.

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