Andrew Maxwell

Google Profile Idea: The Standalone Google Buzz Client

November 02, 2010

After setting up my Google Profile page I started to think about how great it would be if my Google Profiles page was able to be the standalone client for Google Buzz.

Using Google Profiles as the standalone client for Google Buzz would give users access to: Google Buzz, make it possible for them to easily edit their profile information and have access to quick links for all of their other services and websites.

This would in-turn make it so that users use Google Profiles more often, making it their one page to send to friends and family (online business card) as well as bringing other Google Products like Sidewiki, and Picasa into their daily routine.

Adding only a few features to Google Profiles would make Google Profiles and Google Buzz more enticing to new users as they would be able to go to one location and have everything, eliminating the learning curve for both Google Profiles and Google Buzz.

Here are the few things that are needed for Google Profiles to be used as a stand alone Buzz client:

  • Live stream of Buzz posts from the people that we follow (only visible to me)
  • Search functionality (not important at launch)
  • Showing follower and following count (not important at launch)
  • A way to reshare a post (not important at launch)
  • Capability to edit a post or comment
  • The ability to email a post (not important at launch)

That’s IT! It would be very simple in terms of limited features that are needed to be added to make Google Profiles in to a full Buzz client.

What are your thoughts, would you want Google Profiles to add these features so that you can use it as your Buzz client?

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