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Don’t Knock It Until You’ve Tried It – Google Buzz

November 17, 2010

When I first read this article I was happy to hear that Google released Google Instant for mobile devices and I was happy to see others standing behind Google with this change, but the last sentence bothers me.

“Now if Google could just put Buzz, Wave, and Street View behind them and do more great things like this, they’d have a lot fewer legal hassles and a lot more enthusiastic (rather than default, since Google simply is search to most people) users.”

Even though many people never have used Google Buzz, just like I am sure that this author never has touched Google Buzz, or if he has it was only for a short stint of time, they always put it down.

This bothers me, not because I am an avid Buzz user but because I really dislike people bashing on things that they have never tried before.

This simple bashing or judging a book by its cover on products and services is why many great things get killed off.

Many people use to think that Twitter was stupid and a waste of time and for a few years many people didn’t take it seriously: and now look at it, Twitter is one of the largest social media service that is talked about in the world.

Basically what I want to convey is; don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Too many things get killed because of stupid remarks like this author made.

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