Andrew Maxwell

20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

November 19, 2010

Many people today have a hard time understanding all of the technical jargon that goes on with the web. This is understandable since 25 years ago the world wide web was created and new technologies arise almost everyday. Trying to stay on top of the latest trends and techno-speak is hard, even for professionals in the field such as myself.

To help explain the technical web jargon, Engineers at Google have put together a great 20 page, interactive book that gives you an easy to understand view of the most common web jargon. Not only does it explain what the most common web terms are, but they also explain it in a child like manner; simple and easy to understand.

If you have a hard time understanding a specific term used on the web, or are interested in a better understanding of the web in general, then I highly recommend this book.

Cool Fact:

This book was built using modern HTML5 technologies.

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