Andrew Maxwell

Starting My First Book: The Evernote Book

July 01, 2010

Last week I sat down and started to look over websites dedicated to Evernote and realized that my article “100 different Evernote Uses” is still very popular compared to others. That got me thinking, why don’t I try to write more dedicated posts related to Evernote. Well, that got me to think even more and I realized that there are no Evernote books here in the US, and there is no one stop shop for Evernote that goes into great detail, including the Evernote website.

So after doing a bit of research, planning and talking with friends and family I have came to the conclusion that I will be writing a book on Evernote.

This book will start out as a web site that will get updated regularly and then published quarterly into an eBook. If the website and eBook become popular, I will look into publishing a printed version.

What will the Evernote book be about?:

I am sure you are wondering what this book will be about and why I chose Evernote. This book will cover everything, from what Evernote is, what features it has and what are some in-depth uses for it. I chose Evernote because it is, hands down, the one tool that I need with me where ever I go. I personally do not have the best memory and I don’t deny that this is a problem. However, ever since I got Evernote my memory has not only gotten better without Evernote (since I write it down, it actually stays in my memory longer), but I am able to do things in meetings and conversations that would not be possible with out it. For example, I have been in multiple meetings, both business and personal where I am able to grab hundreds of website designs within seconds, find a dog friendly park that is near by our current location, be able to order food to go, without knowing what I want, when I don’t have internet access or paper menu and I am not home.

The list of things that Evernote can do can go on forever. I am taking my knowledge of Evernote and how it helps my life and opening it up to the world to share why Evernote is a great tool and how it can improve your life.

If you want to find out more about the book or contribute in any way, feel free to contact me by posting comments here, sending me a message on Google Buzz, Twitter or visiting my company website.