Andrew Maxwell

Google Buzz Up – Portland, Oregon

June 29, 2010

I’ve been talking about Google Buzz now for a few months and now it is time to take it up a notch. I am organizing a Google Buzz meet up here in Portland Oregon. The meet up will be Saturday, July 24th.

Help promote Google Buzz by getting fellow Buzz users and non-Buzz users together for a chance to meet face to face and talk about the new social media tool.

If you are interested hit me up on Google Buzz or post a comment below.

Hope to see you there!

2 Comments on “Google Buzz Up – Portland, Oregon”

  1. Claudio Tellechea

    How did your Google Buzz meet up go?

    Im located in Miami, Florida and could not make it to Portland.

  2. Andrew

    I was actually unable to do the meet up, I have just been so busy with new freelance projects and my new book/website that I didn’t have time to do any planning.

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