Entries for June, 2010

Google Buzz Up – Portland, Oregon

I’ve been talking about Google Buzz now for a few months and now it is time to take it up a notch. I am organizing a Google Buzz meet up here in Portland Oregon. The meet up will be Saturday, July 24th.


Hippo Remote Profile – Totem Movie Player

A few weeks ago I built a media center PC using Ubuntu 10.04, an old PC and some free open source software. I was able to turn the old pc into a powerful media center without spending a cent. Now that I have used the media center for a while I started to look for new […]


New Buzz Post Static Link

One of the goals for the new blog design and layout was to bridge the gap between Google Buzz and this blog.


Updating My Blog With A New Design And Features

I don’t know how many of you read my blog, but I am slowly updating the design and layout to add features that will make the site more user friendly. So, since I am making the site more “user” friendly I would like to know how you, the user, feel about my blog and what […]


Communication: A Must For Any Website

Being a web developer I use many websites on a daily basis, some for my social needs like Google Buzz, Twitter, Facebook and even Youtube and others for News, like Google Reader, NY Times and the local TV news. What do these sites have in common? Almost all of them have no way for a […]


Saving Your Receipts For Tax Time, Using Evernote

Since I run my own freelance business from home I have to be very careful with all of my receipts to make sure that I am good when it comes to tax season.

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