Andrew Maxwell

Social Media Anxiety

March 18, 2010

With the rise of social media and live content comes to the rise of what I like to call “Social Media Anxiety”. I personally read blogs, websites and Twitter each and everyday. Some days I can read well over 100 blog posts and thousands of Twitter posts when there is a new web tool, international issue, strong political change or a tech gadget. This made me think about how the rise of information and the rise of stress and how they happen to be correlated with each other.

Ways to cut back on stress on anxiety:

  1. Remove all spammy posters from the people you follow on Twitter, Buzz and Facebook
  2. Organize your blogs that you follow into two simple categories: “Filler” and “Must Read”
  3. Use tools to organize your social media streams to cut down on the number of places you have to look for content: A few suggestions are Tweetdeck for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace. Google Reader for All blogs and websites with RSS Feeds
  4. Limit the number of Twitter Updates in Tweetdeck to only 100 posts per column
  5. Remove RSS feeds from sites who posts numerous times a day that you are unable to keep up with
  6. Skim over articles and only read the important ones, don’t try to read all of them
  7. Turn off all notifiers, and post count to posts, this guts down on having to look at new posts as soon as they come out
  8. Limit the amount of notifications to your phone to either a few a day or none at all
  9. Turn off email notifications, and don’t check your email for the first 2 hours of work
  10. Limit the amount of time that you spend on social media a day. Set a time limit and stick to it

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  1. Brent French

    Helpful article, helped me with my anxiety Thankyou so much.

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