Andrew Maxwell

Is Google Helping All Users? Or Hurting The One’s Who Use Their Tools For Good?

March 19, 2010

Reading the article “Rely heavily on Google Analytics? You won’t like this.” got me to really think. I understand that Google is trying to do the right thing for all users, even the paranoid ones, but this seems to be sort of an issue for anyone who is actually trying to improve their website for those exact users.

I mean if you think about it, we as developers are trying to make the web more secure for all of our users. We use the information gathered from web analytics (mainly Google Analytics) to know what operating system and browser they are using. I think that once Google creates this tool, I hope they add in options for the users to share the information about the system they are using while still allowing them to keep some of their information private, otherwise this will really hurt the people who are trying to use these tools to better the web.

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