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How To Make Usability Testing Fun: A Usability Testing Method

March 11, 2010

usability test plan

Website usability testing is something that should be done by any major web development company, or freelancer.

Forget what people say, usability testing is boring and seems like you are looking at the same thing, over and over and over again with little to no problems.

I found a way to make usability testing easy to do and fun.

Step 1:
Hook up a laptop or computer to your living room TV

Step 2:
Hook up a wireless keyboard and mouse

Step 3:
Open up the browser you are testing in and now, with a larger screen to look at, it makes you notice the smaller things. And since it is on your TV you can turn the channel and come back to it and do testing every once in a while.


  1. Get your family or friends to chime in and give their opinions, they will be more willing to help out since the website is viewable without having to get in front of a computer
  2. If you have a wide screen TV and a game console then you can setup picture in picture(side by side) with your computer on one side and your game on the other and you can go back and look at the site every time you get to a save point, complete a level, or complete a check out. The important thing to keep in mind is to do it when it feels convenient to you so that it makes usability testing effortless and fun.

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  1. Aleida Ka

    How do I create images in html format to send an email with a header please?

  2. Andrew

    You would use a service like constant contact or mail chimp. They have free accounts and you can either choose a template or make your own.

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