Andrew Maxwell

Favorite Tweets from December 2009

December 31, 2009


  • @RichardShepherd: Well my code validates. It’s not my fault if yours doesn’t…
  • @jamis: unsettling thought: “bread is alive until you cook it”. baking is murder!


  • @imrogb: I guess know that you unfollowed and blocked me I guess our short relationship is well and truly over! LOL
  • @Anton: A little bird spent the morning dancing naked in the snow, watched silently by his woodland audience.
  • @RyanMeray: – Spotted at @BeanandLeafCafe in Rochester Hills.


  • @tshannon: Fixed my broken tooth with a nail file, nhs helpline and lady in boots both told me to stop being a big pansy about it
  • @merttol: Some of spam comments on my article are asking my thoughts about Albert Einstein’s quotes… interesting.
  • @hotdogsladies: The Two Kinds of American Men: 1. Guys whose sexual cosmology has been hopelessly distorted by hot lady comic book characters. 2. Liars.


  • @nicepaul: Love the kids and all, but when you have stuff to do a baby demanding your 100% attention is a productivity black hole
  • @tshannon: Fixed my broken tooth with a nail file, nhs helpline and lady in boots both told me to stop being a big pansy about it


  • @codepo8: OK, I wonder how my suitcase will hold all the presents I got from my family. I should send out size restrictions like airlines do.
  • @zeldman: It’s astounding how many presents children can open without even having coffee.
  • @boagworld: I got hit by a falling Christmas tree while eating Christmas dinner. Only in my world #fb


  • @imrogb: Waiting for my apple mouse software update to d/l so I can get ‘touching’ my magic ;)
  • @jayeffvee: Wondering if Santa uses Evernote for his list, though.
  • @lwcavallucci: @jayeffvee Of course Santa uses Evernote. That would be the smart thing to do, wouldn’t it?
  • @vndybudd: I want digital tv to have embeded meta data so I can press a button to get contextual info about the current character, location, song etc.
  • @hellomuller: Vintage 1978 Tie-fighter toy for Christmas. Suck on that nerds! I haz teh awesome wife!
  • @EverythingMS: The Google-Microsoft rivalry now extends to Santa Web sites
  • @mike9r: Bunch of folks are re-creating Home Alone on Twitter with 23 separate accounts, 1 for each character:
  • @cwilso: My wife’s belly is a source of never-ending amusement this evening.
  • @cwilso: (She IS 8.5 months pregnant, and baby keeps sticking out an elbow or somethin’. :))


  • @AndrewCrow: My Kitchen Aid is making so much noise tonight it should have its own Twitter account. #cookies
  • @FuzzyHall: RT @thecomeup: By the end of 2010, I swear ill get an iphone!
  • @notasausage: Every time the weather person on the news mentions “rain”, I hope to hear (dramatically): “The rain in Spain, falling mainly on the plains.”


  • @leahculver: Just put a password on my parents wifi. Who mooches wifi in the suburbs? Jerks, that’s who.


  • @saurabhshah: Google sees you when you’re sleeping….Google knows when you’re awake…Google knows when you’ve been bad or good….
  • @boagworld: lol… they are even banning a video promoting progressive enhancement – – Does Vimeo love IE6 perhaps? ;-)
  • @simplebits: Some might call my present wrapping skills messy or unkempt, while others praise their rustic and handmade qualities.
  • @paularmstrong: *facedesk* is the new *facepalm*
  • @ccatfishcatfish: RT @TonyNeyer: Haha RT @micahbmx: #baco #baco #baco

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