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December 20, 2009

I have a very busy schedule working two full time jobs but I want to be able to share my thoughts and experience when ever possible. I know many people are in a similar boat that I am as they try to get their freelance career off the ground and I want to help with sharing my success and failures.

In order to communicate these successes and failures I use Twitter for my micro posts on the go and while working, and I use this site for any longer posts, but I needed something that would fit somewhere in the middle. After sometime spent researching and reading articles I came across a blog system which would allow me to, what I like to call “Medium Post”. Thanks to Paul Boag of Boagworld and his great blogs and podcasts I found Posterous. Posterous allows me to create these medium posts which don’t belong on Twitter because they are too long and they don’t fit on this blog because they are too short.

You can now find my medium posts at

Hopefully in the beginning of the year you will see a better integration of these three mediums on this website.

Let me know if you find these new mediums posts useful and what type of topics you would like to read.

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