Andrew Maxwell

Maxwell Weekly 7: #30

December 30, 2016
  1. Special Effects (article): How ‘Rogue One’ Brought Back Familiar Faces
    • Learn how ILM brings back some iconic characters in Star Wars: Rogue One
  2. Science (video): Google X’s Astro Teller on the future of delivery drones
    • I love watching Astro Teller talk about the future, he talks in a way that makes you believe that anything is totally possible.
  3. Cars (video/article): Tesla Autopilot’s new radar technology predicts an accident caught on dashcam a second later

    • Tesla saves a mans live with this new predictive crash notification. You’ll have to watch it a couple of times to really understand how much time it gives the guy to stop.
  4. Science (video): Antimatter Light Spectrum Discovered!
    • Science does it again and finally proves that antimatter exists and have discovered a way to test it.
  5. Development (article): Migrating to Webpack 2
    • One of the most useful and overly complicated tools finally gets an upgrade, learn how to upgrade.
  6. Cooking (video): How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills – Gordon Ramsay
    • The Onion trick alone is worth the entire video.
  7. Development (software): Facebooks Nuclide
    • Quickly Navigating Components With Hyperclick
    • Get better debugging with Facebook Nuclide for Atom

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