Andrew Maxwell

Maxwell Weekly 7: #29

December 22, 2016
  1. Development (software):
    • A Git GUI built from the ground up using Electron
  2. Development (video): Debugging The Web (Chrome Dev Summit 2016)
    • New tools to help debugging your website and web applications
  3. Engineering (video): Malaysian Longest Tunnel Ever – Full Documentary
    • An inside look into digging the longest tunnels in the world
  4. Development (article): Migrating from npm | Yarn
    • Yarn, the Facebook NPM replacement and how it solves a few problems for this engineer
  5. Development (article): Performance Calendar » 2016
    • Advent calendar for the web performance geeks out there
  6. Development (article): Advanced Node.js Project Structure Tutorial – Node.js at Scale
    • Ever wonder how companies setup their project folder structures? Here is how RisingStack sets up for their new projects.
  7. Animation (video): The Shallows VFX Breakdown
    • Spoiler Alert, contains scenes from the movie

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