Andrew Maxwell

20 Predictions for 2011

December 31, 2010
  1. Google Buzz will be updated and will be will integrated into more services (Google Reader, Doc’s, YouTube)
  2. Apple will release iPad 2 and it will have a camera, a faster processor and nothing else
  3. Microsoft will update Kinect to have higher resolution and will make it available for Windows computers
  4. Google releases online music store to compete with iTunes and Amazon
  5. Netflix and YouTube go head to head for online streaming of movies and TV shows
  6. Apple will finally release a White iPhone (iPhone 5)
  7. Microsoft releases a updated Windows 7 OS for tablet devices putting them up against iPad but with more feature, control and power
  8. Google profiles will get an overhaul and will show more information such as latitude lo,cations, videos, bookmarks etc.
  9. Windows Phone 7 will start becoming more popular in the business world with the release of a full office suite on the phone
  10. Android will get an update making it possible to put Android on more random devices such as fridges, cars, and other household items
  11. Microsoft pulls out all stops and recreates the powerful office suite online, becoming more powerful than Google Docs (Probably releasing Microsoft word first).
  12. Online books become standard, Colleges embrace ebooks instead of printed books in some major colleges
  13. Microsofts tablets will be drawing and writing friendly, showing that having a stylus is useful on a tablet.
  14. Digg flops, either closes their doors completely or comes very close
  15. Ping integrates with Twitter and Facebook and slowly gains ground, but is still a failure
  16. Net Neutrality will still not happen, but rules are going to start being placed on telcos
  17. Battery technology will advance and scientists come out with bio degradable batteries
  18. Browsers will add more mobile features by default such as geo-location, notifications, more zoom options, app stores, etc.
  19. Google TV will get more hardware vendors
  20. Apple comes out with a flat screen TV with Apple TV built in and uses iOS for the operating system with full app capability

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