Andrew Maxwell

Evernote: The Best Bookmarking Service

October 14, 2010

Evernote released a new feature in June for their Google Chrome extension, where they show you all of the notes that you have clipped on a website. At first this sounds pretty basic, but let’s look into it a little further.

Now when you make a bookmark using Evernote’s Chrome extension you will see if you have made a bookmark for it or not, thus eliminating duplicates.

Here is where it gets interesting: Last month Evernote added yet another useful feature to their Chrome extension, this time adding support for Simultaneous Search. What this means is that when you do a search using the Google Chrome Omnibox and you use Google as your default search engine, you will now see a new section in your search results for Evernote. In this section it will show you how many notes that you have in Evernote related to the topic you just search as well as a link to see those notes in Evernote. Basically this makes it possible to find and use old bookmarks that you have saved, but have forgotten.

Another reason to use Evernote as a bookmarking service is that you can add notes, images, documents, audio and video to any bookmark, making it possible to recognize why you bookmarked the link in the first place. Now add the ability to tag/label your bookmarks and search through all of the text, images and documents of a bookmark and you have yourself a powerhouse bookmarking tool.

To find out more information about Site Memory and Simultaneous Search check out Evernote’s blog articles on these two features below: