Entries for July, 2010

Better Access To The Evernote Trunk on Mobile Phones, iPad and Netbooks

Recently Evernote came out with a great feature called the “Trunk”. This feature is basically an app store for Evernote. Well if you have an iPad, mobile phone, netbook or any other kind of mobile device you probably can’t get access to the Trunk, or if you can it is limited due to the size […]


Find A Problem On The Web?

This year I have been trying to make a point to participate in making the web a better place. I know there are a lot of tools and websites out there, and many of us use these on a daily basis, but how often do we notice a bug, or an issue and just move on?


Getting Focused At Work

Since I started to do freelance full time I have noticed that I can easily get distracted by simple things, like checking social media sites, reading emails, writing emails, switching projects and before it became a habit I wanted to stop it, and make sure that I am focused.


Starting My First Book: The Evernote Book

Last week I sat down and started to look over websites dedicated to Evernote and realized that my article “100 different Evernote Uses” is still very popular compared to others. That got me thinking, why don’t I try to write more dedicated posts related to Evernote. Well, that got me to think even more and […]

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