Andrew Maxwell

Maxwell Weekly 7: #24

November 18, 2016
  1. Environment (article): Scientists Accidentally Discover Efficient Process to Turn CO2 Into Ethanol
    • Great things are always found by accident and now we may have a way to curb climate change
  2. Development (article): Hell freezes over as Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation
    • Microsoft backing up their commitment to open source by now joining the Linux Foundation
  3. Art (video): Sculpting Fox McCloud from Starfox Traditionally
    • An old Super Nintendo classic brought to life in clay
  4. Development (article): JavaScript Grows Up and Gets Its Own Foundation
    • JavaScript is so popular that it now has its own foundation
  5. Development (article): Art of README
    • Learn what to look for when writing a useful
  6. Productivity (video): The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey
    • Things to look for in highly effective and productive people
  7. Movies (video): Beauty and the Beast US Official Trailer
    • Disney does the unthinkable and turns a beloved animation classic into a live action movie… and it looks amazing.

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