Andrew Maxwell

Maxwell Weekly 7: #21

October 27, 2016
  1. Space (video): Generating power on Mars
    • Various types of energy are being discussed, you might be surprised what the best option is
  2. Hardware (blog): Google Pushes Deeper Into Hardware With A Giant Touchscreen Powered By Google Cloud
    • Large touch screens for the office running Android
  3. Development (code): Google Cloud Functions
    1. An alternative to AWS Lambda on GCP, but with more flexibility
  4. Development (software): Active power mode in atom!
    • Install it and begin to feel powerful!
  5. Development (software): Git time machine for Atom
    • Get a git history timeline in your Atom editor
  6. Animation (video): Synthetic prior design for real time facial capture
    • Disney is now using machine learning for real time facial capture
  7. Animals (video): Can Dogs And Cats Be Left-Handed?
    • The short answer, yes! And one of my dogs is too.

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