Andrew Maxwell

Maxwell Weekly 7: #18

October 06, 2016
  1. Development (blog): How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016
    • JavaScript has changed a lot over the years, see what it might be like to learn it in 2016
  2. Development (blog): Kubernetes at Box: Microservices at Maximum Velocity
    • Box walks through how they use Kubernetes
  3. Internet Of Things (website): Particle IO
    • Platform for building internet of things (IoT)
  4. Documentary (video): The cove
    • The inside look of animal killing
  5. Personal (website): GoPro Plus
    • My team built 4 Node.js applications for the GoPro Plus service. Checked out what’s available.
  6. Development (code): Kubernetes the hard way
    • Kelsey Hightower provides some docs on learning Kubernetes and how to get around some of the rough edges.
  7. Development (blog): Node.js, TC-39, and Modules
    • Node.js actively looking at the newest Module definition / Import spec.

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