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The Proper Way to Repost on Google Buzz

March 26, 2010

I started using Google Buzz about a month ago and from the very beginning I wanted to share articles with other readers. Sometimes the articles I wanted to share would only show up in my Buzz stream. Google Buzz is still new so there is no standard way to repost an article, since there is no standard way I talked with a few Buzz users about reposting etiquette.

After some great discussions we came up with some Buzz reposting etiquette.

Step 1. The word “via” at the beginning to tell you that it is a repost.
Step 2. @username so that we know who originally posted the article
Step 3. Where it was reposted from
Step 4. New line
Step 5. Paste text from the original post
Step 6. Paste Buzz URL from original post

Here is what a proper repost should look like:

via @Mashable – – Buzz – Public
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